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If You Need to Repair an AC Unit in Las Vegas, Instant Air Can Help

When area residents need to repair an AC unit in Las Vegas, Instant Air can provide reliable service at an affordable rate.

The problem with an air conditioning unit that fails to turn on could be something as simple as a tripped circuit breaker or a blown out fuse. If you replace the fuse and reset the breaker but the unit still fails to switch on, the problem could be a faulty thermostat. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot the problem and replace the thermostat if necessary…
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Call on Instant Air for Quality AC Maintenance Las Vegas Residents Can Rely On

When it comes to finding AC maintenance Las Vegas residents can rely on, the professionals at Instant Air have what it takes to get the job done.

Yearly maintenance can extend the life of your air conditioning system and ensure it works at peak performance when you need it most. Failing to maintain the system properly leads to lost efficiency, which means wasted energy, higher utility bills and money out of your pocket. Even worse, indoor air quality suffers creating an unhealthy environment for your family. …
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Don’t let the Las Vegas Summer heat impact the comfort of your home!

For Las Vegas AC repair services, Instant Air is your go to service provider. From air conditioning preventative maintenance to repair and new system installations, our certified technicians are a quick phone call away! Call (702) 385-2665 to schedule an appointment.

Our technicians are fully background checked, respectful of your personal space and dedicated to finding affordable AC repair Las Vegas solutions. Our process includes…
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Call a Las Vegas HVAC Repair Company to Fix Noisy Equipment

Noisy equipment is among the most common complaints a professional Las Vegas HVAC repair technician hears about from customers.

A certain amount of noise is to be expected from any mechanical system but when the noise is distracting or continuous it can be impossible to live with. Certain types of noises can indicate a serious malfunction that requires the attention of a professional. …
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Trust the Instant Air professionals to repair your furnace, air conditioner and HVAC system

Call (702) 385-2665 for your entire furnace repair Las Vegas requirements. We service all brands and models. We start by diagnosing your system’s problem and then discussing and recommending options prior to making any repairs on your furnace….
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Air Conditioning Repair in Las Vegas

Our certified technicians are experts at what they do. When it comes to Las Vegas air conditioning repair services, they have seen it all and there is nothing that they can’t repair. Each of our technicians undergoes a thorough background/drug testing process and invests in continuing education to stay licensed on all current air conditioning and HVAC systems. We’re prepared to offer custom solutions to get you up and running again with minimal investment required….
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Call Instant Air First for Reliable Las Vegas Air Conditioning and Heating Service

Instant Air is a full service Las Vegas air conditioning and heating company dedicated to providing area residents with quality work at a competitive price.

You rely on your home’s air conditioning system to create a comfortable living environment, especially during the dog days of summer when outdoor temperatures soar above the century mark for weeks on end. If your system breaks down or fails to perform at peak capacity, our certified technicians can offer effective solutions. …
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Instant Air is unsurpassed for helping you get the air quality you need

Air pollutants, pollen, dust and other contaminants are the root cause of most indoor air quality problems. Instant Air duct cleaning in Las Vegas services help improve the quality of the air you breathe and extend the life of your HVAC system. You’ll notice the results immediately. Schedule an appointment by calling (702) 385-2665 today….
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