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Professional Las Vegas Duct Cleaning Services

If someone in your home or office suffers from allergies, asthma or other maladies due to indoor air pollution, Instant Air Conditioning and Heating’s professional Las Vegas duct cleaning services can help.

Because today’s homes and buildings are insulated better than ever, the cleanliness of indoor air is a major health issue. Dirt and dust can accumulate in just a short time in the ductwork of your heating and cooling system.

It takes just a little moisture in ducts for mold, mites, and bacteria to also develop. When the HVAC system is operating, those pollutants circulate into the air…
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Las Vegas Heating and Cooling Repair

The professionals at Instant Air Conditioning and Heating like to keep Las Vegas heating and cooling repair simple.

To keep your HVAC system running year after year without a problem, just call us once.

It takes only a single call to purchase an affordable maintenance plan with Instant Air. With each of our three plans, a technician makes service calls at pre-scheduled times of the year. The operation of your air conditioner and furnace is thoroughly checked out to be certain fluid levels are correct, connections are solid, and filters and coils are clean and free of debris…
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Avoid Costly HVAC Repair Service in Las Vegas

Avoid unexpected and potentially expensive HVAC repair service in Las Vegas with a plan of regular maintenance by Instant Air Conditioning and Heating.

In our desert city, summer breakdowns are miserable for homeowners, students, tenants, workers, business customers – anyone who is left without AC. It may take days for cool air to begin flowing again if the interruption happens when contractors are busy and unable to respond right away. Also, when temperatures drop, it can be freezing without a working furnace…
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