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5 Ways HVAC Maintenance in Las Vegas Can Prevent Breakdowns

The last thing you want in the dog days of summer is for the AC to stop working. From an uncomfortable home to missed work for a service appointment, a sudden breakdown can be a hassle. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are five ways a Las Vegas HVAC maintenance team can prevent troubling breakdowns.

1) A Thorough Cleaning

When the evaporator coils in your AC unit get dirty, they cannot effectively remove heat from the air to cool your home. The result is an increased workload for your air conditioner and a potential midsummer breakdown. Instead, an annual cleaning will stop this problem in its tracks.

2) Electrical Connections

From deteriorating wires to hungry rodents, electrical issues can cause an instant breakdown of your HVAC system. Regular tune-ups from your Las Vegas HVAC maintenance company will find and repair electrical problems before you get burned.

3) Clogs and Debris

Your outdoor condenser unit sits in the yard, usually ignored until something goes wrong. An annual inspection by a qualified technician will reveal what that neglect can lead to: breakdowns. When weeds, plants, trash and debris accumulate around the unit, trouble is only a matter of time. When drains and condensate lines become clogged, your AC unit will go down and you could have water damage to clean up too.

4) Refrigerant Levels

Proper refrigerant levels are crucial to the functioning of your air conditioner, but it’s not something most homeowners should be checking on their own. On the other hand, checking for refrigerant is a standard checklist item for any routine AC maintenance. Plus, if low levels are detected, your technician can top off the refrigerant before it leads to a shutdown.

5) Wear and Tear

As with any appliance, a little wear and tear is a normal part of the machine’s operation. Discovering worn parts before they stop working will keep your home comfortable without interruptions. During an HVAC tune-up, your entire system will be checked for parts that may be on the brink of failure.

Staying on Top of Repairs with a Las Vegas HVAC Maintenance Membership

Regular maintenance will keep your HVAC system operating at its best throughout the season. You’ll reduce avoidable and costly repairs and cut down on system downtime. At Instant Air, we offer three tiers of coverage so you can pick a maintenance plan that’s just right for you. Plus, when you choose a plan, you’ll be assigned a dedicated technician who will stick with you for the duration of your membership.

To learn more or to schedule your Las Vegas HVAC maintenance appointment, contact Instant Air today by calling (702) 385-2665!