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Finding Reliable Air Conditioning Service in Las Vegas NV for an HVAC Leak

When an HVAC leak requires the attention of a reliable air conditioning service in Las Vegas, NV, the experts at Instant Air have what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

Any type of leak reduces your heating and cooling system’s efficiency. This translates into wasted energy and higher utility bills. Our highly qualified AC repair specialists have experience detecting and repairing water, refrigerant and air leaks in all types of residential AC systems.

A system that is leaking water could indicate the overflow drain pain is cracked or has a hole in it. Other causes of water leaks include a clogged condensate line, a dirty air filter, a faulty condensate pump and a cracked condensate drain or trap.

If your house is taking longer to cool down than it should, the system could have a refrigerant leak. In addition to decreasing performance and efficiency, this type of leak is also harmful for the environment. Our technician can locate the source of the leak, make repairs and charge the system to match the manufacturer’s specifications.

Damage to equipment and ductwork are the leading causes of air leaks. Metal tape or sealant will often seal minor leaks. Ductwork with major damage may require replacement.

Depend on Instant Air for Professional Air Conditioning Service in Las Vegas NV

Regardless of the type of leak or its source, the specialists at Instant Air have the skills and tools they need to restore your air conditioner’s performance. We offer affordable HVAC repair and maintenance to residential customers living in all areas of Las Vegas. We are dedicated to providing service that will exceed your expectations.

Call Instant Air at 702-386-2665 if you suspect you need the most reliable air conditioning service in Las Vegas, NV.