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Air Duct Cleaning Process

Duct Cleaning Process
1)      We arrive at the promised time in company logo’d vehicles wearing uniforms so that you know you are only dealing with our own background checked drug free certified technicians.

2)      Our technicians will remove and sanitize all of your registers.

3)      Our technicians will cover all of the supply openings.

4)      Our technicians will set up and connect our multi level HEPA source remove all system, creating a vacuum in your entire duct system.

5)      Our technicians will remove the supply covers and run a air whip with reverse sweep teaser attachment down the entire length of the duct run (up to 200 ft reach capacity) of every duct run.*Instant Air only uses a brushless negative air system to prevent damaging duct work.

6)      Our technicians will fog an anti microbial treatment through the entire duct system.

7)      Our technicians will clean the evaporative (indoor) coil, the blower housing and wheel, along with the cabinet of the air handler or furnace.* Note that most duct cleaning companies do not touch the equipment.

8)      Our lead technician will inspect and ensure that the HVAC system, the duct system, and all registers have been properly cleaned, sanitized, and properly put back in place.

9)      Our technicians will perform a professional level clean up to ensure that the property will be left in the same level (if not better) of cleanliness that it was at their time of arrival.*In the unlikely event of property damage, Instant Air will cover any and all needed repairs or replacement.

10)  All services (including duct system cleaning) are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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