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When Las Vegas AC Repair Can’t Fix Your Broken System: A Home Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide

Choosing an air conditioner is one of those “eventuals” in life because every piece of machinery, no matter how well you maintain it, won’t last forever. In the case of an air conditioner, the U.S. Department of Energy says many people start to experience problems with an air conditioner at the 10-year mark. So if you have eclipsed this milestone with your air conditioner, you have done a great job maintaining your unit over the years but the likelihood of this good fortune lasting much longer is exponentially diminishing.

When your air conditioner is beyond the typical Las Vegas AC repair, these five criterion are particularly important in selecting a new air conditioner:

The 4 Home Air Conditioner Buying Criterion:

  1. Size: A conscientious contractor will carefully evaluate many factors about a home, including its square footage, number of occupants and their cooling preferences, number of windows and exposure, insulation, exterior shading and the climate. Purchasing an air conditioner that is too small will cause an air conditioner to run longer to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. And that extra run time costs money. Most air conditioners are sized too large and this scenario also is a waste because they will “short cycle” – or run and then quickly turn off before they’ve had a chance to properly dehumidify the air. So a home with an oversized air conditioner might feel cool, but it will feel clammy, too. The best contractors measure the size of an air conditioner in tons – a measurement that refers not to the weight of the air conditioner but the equivalent of how much cooling you will get from 1 ton of melting ice.
  2. Efficiency: Every air conditioner carries a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER), and all of those sold in the United States are required by law to achieve a SEER of at least 13. Higher efficiency models carry a SEER between 14 and 25.5. Air conditioners that carry the Department of Energy’s coveted Energy Star label cost more, but you typically recoup the difference in lower utility bills.
  3. Cost: Naturally, cost plays a big role in choosing an air conditioner. It requires a significant investment in your home in both the pricetag of the unit and the accompanying installation service. But the department warns consumers: “Don’t be tempted by the lowest bid. Be willing to pay for the time the contractor must spend to do the job right.”
  4. Installation and maintenance: Installing an air conditioner is complex and not considered a do-it-yourself job; it requires the experience and skill of a licensed air conditioner technician, like those at Instant Air.


Contact the Las Vegas AC Repair and Installation Experts

Our reputation for reliability and handling every type of Las Vegas AC repair and installation is unparalleled. We also provide the annual maintenance your air conditioner will need to achieve the lifespan outlined by the manufacturer. Call Instant Air at (702) 385-2665 for a consultation – update your air conditioner and trust in our expert service to set you up for a solid 10+ years of reliable AC.

Things to Consider When it Comes Time for an HVAC Replacement in Las Vegas

Aged cooling, heating, and ventilation systems can be extremely loud, inefficient, and prone to frequent breakdowns. If you haven’t undergone an HVAC replacement in Las Vegas in the last decade, it’s time to consider it.

Repair or replace, what should you do?

Old AC Unit

The first questions we ask our customers when they request our advice for the repair vs. replace are when their equipment was installed and who installed it.

In general, air conditioners and furnaces manufactured in the 1990s and through today were designed to last upwards of 20 years in mild climates. However, you can hardly classify summers in Las Vegas as mild.

Often times, homes with an HVAC system installed by a building contractor, not specialized as an HVAC technician, have an undersized unit since they simply choose based on the size of the home. However, there’s much more to cooling and heating a home properly than simple square footage. Getting an improperly sized HVAC unit can lead to a whole host of issues, including increased wear and tear, insufficient cooling or heating and poor humidity control.

Therefore, we recommend HVAC replacement in Las Vegas for any equipment older than 10 years or if you are experiencing any of the following problems common with an inefficient and/or improperly sized HVAC system:

  • Frequent break downs
  • High energy bills for your neighborhood and home size
  • Variances of temperatures throughout the home, meaning some rooms feel too hot or too cold
  • Issues with humidity levels
  • Excessive dust throughout your home
  • Unreasonably loud equipment appearing to continually cycle on/off

First steps to HVAC replacement in Las Vegas

Should you opt for HVAC replacement in Las Vegas through Instant Air, our team will begin with a consultation at your home. We will look at all your cooling and heating needs, while retrieving accurate readings from your home, to ensure you get the best-sized HVAC system for your home.

In addition to ensuring you get the most efficient sized and designed HVAC system, we also offer specials on the latest in energy efficiency, check-ups, and installations, just in time for the hot summer season.

Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced and friendly HVAC experts, by calling (702) 385-2665 today.

When to Contact an Expert for AC Repair in Las Vegas

Air Conditioning RepairEvery summer day, in hundreds of sweltering homes across Las Vegas, a sweating homeowner stands before a thermostat with a flushed mixture of frustration and fear.

When your air conditioner isn’t turning on, or your home isn’t cooling as it should, these emotions fight for control. So allow the most reliable and trustworthy air conditioning company in Las Vegas help you take control with a three-step plan:

  1. Check common triggers that may be causing your air conditioner to malfunction.
  2. Look for signs your air conditioner might need a repair.
  3. Then call Instant Air for AC repair in Las Vegas so you – and your home – can regain your cool.

Put first things first with common triggers

  • Ensure the thermostat is set to “cool.” If it is, lower the temperature by a few degrees to see if it turns on. If your thermostat relies on a battery, replace it.
  • Slide out your air conditioner filter and replace it if it’s choked with dust and dirt. Filthy filters can incapacitate an air conditioner and a clean filter can restore it to working order.
  • Switch the circuit breaker devoted to your air conditioner off and then back on again. A power surge – one so minor you may have been unaware of it – can stall an air conditioner.

Search for signs you need to call an expert

Look for the following trouble signs, which signify you should call a licensed air conditioner expert for AC repair in Las Vegas:

  • A buildup of dirt on the coil, compressor or fan. Like dirt on the filter, dirt on an air conditioner’s components can cause it to malfunction. This is why an annual air conditioner tune-up is so crucial; it keeps your air conditioner clean and lubricated.
  • Damaged wires, connections or a burning smell when (and if) your air conditioner turns on. If you don’t immediately discover damaged wires or connections, you’ll definitely catch the burning smell. An annual air conditioner tune-up will also prevent these problems.
  • Your air conditioner is short-cycling repeatedly. Some quick on-and-off cycles are expected, especially on very hot days or when people are letting outdoor air indoors. But repeated short-cycling can eventually cause an air conditioner to shut down.
  • A puddle of water near the compressor. Water is a sure sign of a crack in the condensate pan or drain line or a blocked drain line.
  • The compressor is covered with ice or slush. This condition is a result of restricted or blocked air flow.
  • You hear unusual noises. These can run the gamut from high-pitched squealing or buzzing to banging and clanking noises. You know your air conditioner. A noise you’re not accustomed to hearing is like a cry for help.

Reach out to Instant Air for AC repair in Las Vegas

Answer your air conditioner’s cry by calling the efficient and skilled Las Vegas AC repair technicians at Instant Air. Next to your vehicle, your air conditioner is the most complex piece of machinery in your home. Let us restore the cool air to your home – and quickly put your frustration and fear on ice.

Call (702) 385-2665 to set up an appointment today.

How to Put Less Stress on Your Las Vegas Air Conditioning & Protect Your Home From the Summer Heat

With the high temperatures and powerful sun in the Las Vegas area during the summertime, it can be a challenge to keep your home comfortable without spending a fortune on cooling costs. By reducing stress on your Las Vegas air conditioning system, you can help it run more efficiently and effectively. Here are a few simple ways to make the job easier for your cooling system.

Ways to Help Your Las Vegas Air Conditioning

Avoid solar gain:

Summer sun streaming in through the windows can heat your home quickly. Close curtains and blinds in west or south-facing windows during the daytime to block the heat of the sun, and consider installing awnings to help increase shade.

Install fans:

Ceiling fans or portable fans can circulate the air and make you feel cooler at a higher temperature, allowing you to raise the thermostat and reduce the load on your Las Vegas air conditioning system. Turn off the fans when a room is not occupied to save energy.

Reduce heat gain:

Avoid activities that generate heat and humidity during the daytime, such as washing clothes, running the dishwasher or using the oven. Postpone those activities to the evening when it is cooler and use exhaust fans while bathing or cooking to remove excess heat and humidity.

Use efficient appliances:

Choose appliances and electronics that are energy-efficient to avoid producing extra heat, such as Energy Star-certified refrigerators, computers, televisions and other devices. Replace heat-generating incandescent light bulbs with cooler CFL or LED lighting, which will reduce both heat output and energy costs.

Seal and insulate:

If your home is drafty or lacks insulation, your Las Vegas air conditioning system is working much harder than it needs to. Seal windows and doors with caulk or weather-stripping, and use expanding foam or caulk to seal around openings in exterior walls, such as holes drilled for pipes, wires, dryer vents or light fixtures. If your home has little to no insulation, especially in the attic and walls, consider adding some to keep your home cooler for less money.

Install a programmable thermostat:

Keeping your home ice-cold while you are working or away is a waste of energy. With a programmable thermostat, you can raise the temperature when you leave automatically, and reduce it in time to arrive to a cool home. Increasing the temperature by 5 to 10 degrees when leaving can reduce your cooling costs by up to 10 or 20 percent. While home, set the temperature as high as possible. Each degree over 72 can reduce cooling costs by 1 to 3 percent.

Have your AC serviced:

To run efficiently, your Las Vegas air conditioning system needs regular maintenance, such as cleaning coils, changing the air filter and checking the refrigerant charge. Have the system professionally serviced at least once or twice a year, and check the air filter yourself monthly to help keep it running properly. If your system is older, consider upgrading to an energy-efficient model with a high SEER rating.

Schedule a Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inspection

Feel like your air conditioner isn’t quite ready for the Vegas summer heat? Contact the Instant Air team by calling 702-900-0127 today and one of our Las Vegas air conditioning experts can make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible so you can stay cool this summer.

Benefits of Upgrading to an Energy Efficient HVAC System in Las Vegas

You may know your air conditioner or furnace are on borrowed time, but this realization doesn’t necessarily make it easy to push forward and purchase a new HVAC system for your Las Vegas home.

Since a new system represents a major investment, it is a smart move to research your options. If it’s been awhile since replacing your HVAC system, you may be unaware of all that energy efficient models offer. Here are the top five benefits you can expect when upgrading to an energy efficient HVAC system.

Benefits of Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

  • 1. Uses energy more efficiently and saves you money on utility bills.

    As you may know, air conditioning systems are rated according to their seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), which is the amount of energy needed to produce a specific amount of cooling. Many HVAC systems in older Las Vegas homes have SEER ratings of six or less; the minimum SEER allowed today is 13. Take it from the U.S. Department of Energy: “Today’s best air conditioners use 30 to 50 percent less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as air conditioners made in the mid 1970s. Even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, you may save 20 to 40 percent of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model.”

  • 2. Frees you from the worry of a breakdown or repair on a hot summer day.

    When else would you expect an air conditioner to break down but on one of the hottest days of the year? It’s not only Murphy’s Law; it’s practically a certainty if your HVAC in Las Vegas is at least 10 years old. Most systems are built to last about 15 years and tend to develop operational problems that require more frequent repairs during the last few years of their lifespan. It’s difficult to live with the unrelenting background noise of a ticking clock – a sign your HVAC system is on borrowed time.

  • 3. Improves air flow in your home and removes impurities.

    Today’s best energy-efficient HVAC systems feature variable speed motors and advanced filtration systems that produce consistent air flow that can eliminate mold spores, bacteria and viruses. Better indoor air translates to better health by: mitigating allergy and asthma symptoms, reducing the risk of respiratory disease, lessening the frequency and intensity of colds and viruses and improving sleep quality, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says.

  • 4. Better at eliminating humidity and will make your home feel more comfortable.

    Conquering humidity – not warm air – was the primary reason Willis Carrier set out to invent air conditioning. Then again, the “father of air conditioning” never lived in Las Vegas, where many people also depend on his invention to counteract triple-digit temperatures. Today’s best systems provide both “creature comforts” in equal measure.

  • 5. Less noise and much quieter than older systems.

    If you’ve grown accustomed to “talking over” your air conditioner when you’re near the air handler, you can change your ways once a new HVAC system is installed. Like cars, computers and other machines, HVAC systems have grown considerably quieter in recent years.

Upgrade to an Energy Efficient Las Vegas HVAC System

As enticing as these benefits are, they are not automatic and require a proper installation by experienced technicians. An HVAC system that is too small for a home will not cool it sufficiently, while a system that is too large will run and then quickly shut off before it has time to properly remove humidity.

Call Instant Air, the most experienced and trusted HVAC company in Las Vegas, to set up a consultation today. Be sure to mention our Efficiency Discount to receive up to $3500 off your energy efficient system replacement.

No, it’s not you; some AC problems are common

HVAC Problems

You might not subscribe to the notion that “misery loves company.” But when it comes to heating and air conditioning repair in Las Vegas, it sure can help to know that some problems are common.

Just consider the functions of your heating and air conditioning system. A gas, forced-air heating system shifts into high gear when the thermostat sends a signal that the room temperature has fallen below the setting. The thermostat sends a signal to the furnace to turn on the blower and open a valve for the gas. Once heat is created in the heat exchanger, the warmed air is pushed out through the ducts while the combustion gas is vented through the chimney.

Your air conditioner is even more complex: It pulls warm air out of your home, blows it over cool pipes, changes from a liquid to a gas and then back again, moves refrigerant between coils and then sends excess moisture (called condensate) through a condensate drain. Along the way, plenty of things can go wrong.

When it comes to heating and air conditioning repair in Las Vegas and many other places across the country, some problems are common. The U.S. Department of Energy cites these five problems as the most common of all:

  • A dirty filter. The soft, cushion-y feel of an HVAC filter belies the powerhouse function it serves. A clean filter actively traps dust and dirt to ensure proper air flow; a dirty one inhibits air flow and prevents your air conditioner from cooling the air and reducing humidity and your furnace from efficiently generating warm air. In the worst cases, a thoroughly clogged filter can shut down your heating and air conditioning system. Checking the filter every month and replacing it when you can no longer see through it is the single most important step you can take – followed by an annual tune-up – to ensure your HVAC system’s efficiency and staying power.
  • Refrigerant issues. If you feel air blowing from the registers but it’s not cool, your air conditioner could either be low on refrigerant or might have sprung a refrigerant leak. Small leaks at the valves can be difficult to pinpoint and require the expertise of a licensed technician who knows exactly what to look for – and how to fix it – so cool air blows freely once again.
  • Drainage problems. Here is another potential mystery that requires a licensed “detective” schooled in the ways of central air conditioners. Even if you spot a puddle near the compressor, a heating and air conditioner technician must trace whether the problem emanates from a blocked drain line or a crack in either the drain line or condensate pan to restore your air conditioner to full efficiency.
  • Electrical failures. A series of tests will determine whether your air conditioner is failing to turn on – or stay on – because of dirty, damaged or corroded wires or connections or a worn compressor or blower component. An annual tune-up is your best defense against electrical failures, which have a way of occurring on some of the hottest days of the year. But if you detect a burning smell as your air conditioner turns on, don’t delay making a call for service.
  • Thermostat disparities. It seems like the simplest of tasks: Set your thermostat to the temperature that suits you and then wait for your air conditioner or furnace to respond. But several factors can conspire to undermine a thermostat’s ability to function as it should, including its calibration and placement in your home. It’s easy to overlook a thermostat as the root of a heating and air conditioning repair in Las Vegas, but it’s a common culprit.

Common or not, HVAC problems can cause anyone to lose their cool. Leave it to the licensed heating and air conditioning experts at Instant Air Air Conditioning and Heating to track down the problem vexing your HVAC system and then repair it with skill and efficiency. We don’t believe that “misery loves company,” either; we believe that “comfort loves company.” You can count on Instant Air to restore comfort to your home – and help you keep your cool.

Contact Instant Air at 702.385.2665 today to schedule your heating and air conditioning repair.

Take the long view on replacing a furnace in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Furnace Replacement

It’s a rare customer who jumps for joy over the prospect of replacing a furnace in Las Vegas.

After all, unlike other major purchases, you can’t drive it, you can’t cook with it and you probably won’t even take a picture of it and post it to your friends and family.

But oh, the intrinsic benefits you will derive once it’s in place. Replacing a furnace in Las Vegas requires taking the long view because it’s a long-term investment in your home. Still, you should notice some benefits right away, including:

  • No safety concerns, especially with regard to carbon monoxide emissions – a growing concern as furnaces age.
  • Greater reliability, meaning no more breakdowns and costly repairs.
  • Improved efficiency, which should show up on your gas bills. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that highly efficient Energy Star furnaces save many homeowners about $100 per year.
  • Better indoor air quality, especially important if you have young children (who ingest more air in relation to their body weight) or someone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies.

Replacing a furnace in Las Vegas made easy

Keep these forward-thinking ideals in mind as you decide whether it’s finally time to replace your furnace. The U.S. Department of Energy says six factors signal that it’s time to stop “patching” a furnace together to keep it running and replace it instead. So ask yourself:

  • Is your furnace about 15 years old? If so, it is (sorry to say) entering its final stage of reliability. Like all complex electrical components, furnaces have a lifespan. And even if you have kept your furnace free of dust and dirt and have been diligent about annual maintenance checks, most furnaces last between 15 and 20 years.
  • Has your furnace required more frequent repairs (excluding the annual tuneup) over the last two years? Like cars, furnaces are known for “acting up” in big ways and small ways the last two years of their lifespan.
  • Have your gas bills been going up, even though there has been no marked change in how you use your furnace? Yes, gas rates could be a factor. But if you’re not using your furnace any differently, it might be running far less efficiently than it once did. New Energy Star furnaces register efficiency ratings in the 90s – a vast improvement over minimum efficiency standards that stood at 78 percent in 1992.
  • Has your furnace become a noisemaker? Unusual noises could range from shrieking and high-pitched squealing to thumping, rattling and clicking. Just like your car, strange noises coming from a furnace are a cry for help – a certain sign of trouble on the horizon.
  • Does your home feel too cool, too warm or too humid in places? A furnace that is on its last leg often has difficulty heating a home properly (although it’s also wise to check whether leaks in your ducts or poor insulation could be a contributing factor).
  • Is your home excessively dusty? Have you been sweeping up more dust, dirt or rust particles on the floor surrounding the furnace? Old, efficient furnaces tend to be dirt traps, and rust – a precursor to corrosion – is a significant red flag.

In the end, nothing compares with a thorough inspection of your furnace. Call the furnace experts at Instant Air, who know all about replacing a furnace in Las Vegas after more than 20 years in the business. Owner Oscar Poort is a truly rare breed – someone who aspires to “help clients find solutions to their needs and improve their lives on a daily basis.” He and Instant Air might not cause you to jump for joy over the prospect of replacing your furnace, but you just might over the service they provide and the confidence they inspire.

Contact Instant Air today at 702-385-2665 to schedule your Las Vegas furnace replacement.

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