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Boost Indoor Air Quality With Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning Services

Are summer “allergies” troubling your family? The summer heat means more time indoors and for many, it means allergies despite the fact they’re not venturing outside much. So where are those allergens coming from? For many Las Vegas residents, those allergens can be found in their ducts and pushing into their home from their air conditioning unit. Learn how you can reduce irritation and improve your indoor air quality with a Las Vegas duct cleaning service.

The Dirty Truth about Ducts

You keep your home clean, making sure the floors are mopped, the bathrooms are scrubbed and the fans are dusted, but what about your air ducts? While your heating and cooling system may seem like a closed system, it’s surprisingly easy for dust, dirt, mold and vermin to make their way into your ducts and make it their home. Then, when it’s the heat of summer and the air conditioner is on full blast, that dirt, bacteria and mold gets dislodged and makes its way into your home, entering your airway and potentially causing irritation. While air ducts are often out of sight, out of mind, hiring a duct cleaning service can help ensure you maintain excellent air quality year-round.

How Our Las Vegas Duct Cleaning Service Works

Air duct cleaning should always be performed by trained technicians who understand the proper way to effectively clean air ducts. Our technicians start by removing your registers and sanitizing them. This removes any built-up grime and hair from the exterior of the system. Then, using a HEPA source, the technician will seal your duct system and create a negative pressure environment to pull all the hair, dirt and debris out. Once the ducts are clean, an antimicrobial treatment is applied to prevent future buildup of bacteria. Our technician will then clean the coils and blower which not only keeps your air clean but can reduce your electric bill. Finally, the technician will replace all parts and clean any mess that was made in the process.

Maintaining a Clean Air Duct System

While our Las Vegas air duct cleaning service can boost your air quality, you need to maintain minimize debris entering your ducts regularly.  The best way to maintain clean ducts in between service appointments is to change your filters regularly and keep your home dusted and vacuumed to prevent dirt from entering the ducts. While humidity isn’t a problem in the desert, keeping air ducts dry is imperative to maintaining your air quality, so make sure your bathroom fans work efficiently and are used dutifully.

If you’re ready to have your air ducts pumping out only clean, high quality air, call Instant Air at (702) 385-2665 for an appointment today.