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Vigilant Housekeeping Combined with Nifty Techniques Can Reduce “Dust Clouds” in Your Home

A common question asked by AC users everywhere is, “Every time my air conditioner turns on, it kicks up dust everywhere in my home. What can I do?” The key is to eliminate dust, not just move it around. You can keep “dust clouds” to a minimum with vigilant housekeeping and some nifty cleaning techniques.

Cleaning Techniques to Reduce Dust in Your Home

Be Vigilant about Housekeeping

  • Check your HVAC filter every month and replace it once you can no longer see through it. Otherwise, the excess buildup will impede the efficiency of your system and could funnel into your ducts.
  • Vacuum your carpets at least once a week, going over high-traffic areas twice.
  • Shake dust and dirt from throw rugs outdoors. Then toss them in the washing machine.
  • Wash bedding – sheets, pillowcases and blankets – in hot water at least twice a month. Dust mites love to nestle in bedding.
  • Declutter wherever you can. Piles of paper, books, magazines and toys are dust magnets.
  • Streamline your closet by storing clothes you don’t wear regularly in garment or plastic bags. Next to the fibers in your carpeting, more dust settles in closets than almost anywhere else in your home.
  • Clean your ceiling fan blades – a common source of “dust clouds” every time the blades begin to spin. Make this often-dreaded household task much easier by using a dryer sheet to lift dust. You can even wrap a dryer sheet around an extended paint roller to help you reach.

Adopt Some Dust-Trapping Cleaning Techniques

  • Dryer sheets also work particularly well on TV and computer screens – not only lifting dirt but keeping the screens cleaner for longer periods of time.
  • You may love your feather duster, but instead of lifting dust, it sends it flying to different locations around the room. If you haven’t made the switch to microfiber cloths, buy a bundle and watch how they draw dust like a vacuum. Shake them out, toss them in the washing machine and enjoy them for years.
  • Pleated lampshades can confound even professional house cleaners – unless they’ve tried using a (clean) dry paintbrush. The soft bristles fit snugly into creases. Alternatively, try using a lint roller.
  • Cleaning ceramic is simple if you rub it with a slice of lemon. Let the juice sit for about 15 minutes. Then polish the ceramic with a microfiber cloth.
  • An obscure, but effective, tool for cleaning oil paintings is a piece of white bread. The moisture picks up dust easily, also making it ideal for other dusty jobs if you’re in a pinch.

Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning with Instant Air

It is just as vital that your air ducts remain free of dust, dirt and grime as anything else in your house. Instant Air is here to help! Call us at 702-385-2665 to schedule an air duct cleaning today!

Tips To Managing Your HVAC System This Holiday Season

When you’re hosting a holiday gathering at your home, you want everything to be perfect. And while it may seem as though you’re paying attention to every last detail, few people give thought to their HVAC system. Living in the desert, HVAC upkeep is especially important. Here are 5 tips for managing your HVAC system for your upcoming holiday gatherings:

  1. Schedule Your Annual Maintenance

The best solution to any problem is always to take action before a problem begins. Schedule your annual Las Vegas HVAC maintenance before the day of the celebration. Then you can rest assured that your guests will be comfortable.

  1. Dust the Vents

In any large group, there is bound to be somebody who suffers from allergies. Things your family might not be sensitive to could be a trigger for one of your guests. Go around and dust any visible vents in your home. You can also wipe them down with a damp rag to remove any dust that may have accumulated.

  1. Change Your Filter

Your HVAC system’s filter keeps dust, dirt, allergens and other contaminants from blowing into your home. This makes a huge difference in your indoor air quality. Usually, these filters should be changed once a month, or once per season at minimum.

  1. Adjust the Thermostat

When you’re hosting a party, the temperature tends to rise due to all of the extra body heat from your guests. Plus, you probably have a turkey or ham cooking in the oven, which is also warming up the house. A few hours before your holiday gathering begins, turn your thermostat down by a few degrees, ensuring your home will still feel comfortable while filled with guests.

  1. Keep the Door Shut

Every time you open the door, the warm air from inside escapes. This makes your HVAC system work harder to recover. Try to minimize the number of times you are opening your door and avoid leaving it ajar.


Schedule a Maintenance Visit for Your HVAC System

If you take the time to consider your Las Vegas HVAC system in advance, you will be rewarded with a nice, warm home throughout the holiday season. Call us today at 702-385-2665 to schedule an appointment.


Understanding How to Get the Most Out of Your HVAC Installation

As the seasons change, it becomes peak time to talk about maintaining your HVAC installation. Even here in Las Vegas, heaters start kicking on during the cool nights – and air conditioners still run during the day– you can only imagine the strain on your HVAC installation as it adjusts to the new demands of the weather. We are here to help you learn how your HVAC system works, so you can optimize its use and upkeep.

Five Components to Understand With Your HVAC Installation

1. The Air Goes In

It all starts with your air return vents. This is where the entire ventilation cycle begins. The fans draw air in via the return, pass it through a filter and send it through your system.

Maintenance Alert! Filters can get dirty fast. They need to be changed or cleaned regularly. Some of the most common HVAC problems begin with dirty filters.


2. The Air Goes Around

Ducts facilitate airflow, allowing air to move freely from the main HVAC unit to each of your rooms.

Maintenance Alert! Ducts rapidly accumulate dust. It’s important to have your ducts cleaned regularly, or the air floating around your house could be filled with allergens and mites.


3. The Air Comes Out

Exhaust outlets allow air to exit your home safely.

Maintenance Alert! Heating systems create exhaust, which can be dangerous if it builds up. Vent stacks and chimney flues need to be checked and cleaned at least once a year.


4. You Choose Your Ideal Temperature

You set your thermostat to your ideal temperature, assuming the rest will take care of itself. On hotter days, it’s best to set the temperature a little higher than you normally would if you’re trying to conserve energy, lower on colder days.

Maintenance Alert! You may find yourself in uncomfortable temperatures if your thermostat’s batteries are low or if you have a tripped breaker. These are easy fixes that usually don’t require a house call from an electrician.


5. The Outdoor Unit Does the Rest

The outdoor unit consists of the compressor, coils and blower. Each of these elements contains moving parts that need to be checked at least once a year to ensure optimal airflow throughout your home.

Maintenance Alert! Weeds and other vegetation can cause big problems if your outdoor unit becomes overgrown.


Schedule a Maintenance Visit for Your HVAC Installation

Now that you know a little more about your HVAC installation, you understand the need to keep it in tip top condition. Schedule a maintenance visit with an Instant Air technician to make sure everything is in prime working order as the seasons change. Give us a call at 702-385-2665 to schedule an appointment today!

The Ultimate Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

After months of stifling, 100-degree days in Las Vegas, you can now throw yourself into the task of preparing your home for fall – and the cooler temperatures that await. Check these 10 tasks off your “to-do” list so that you can get into the spirit of this time of year, maybe by falling into your favorite comfortable chair.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist Tasks:

  • Flip the switch on your ceiling fans so that the blades run in a clockwise direction. This reversal – from running counterclockwise in the summer – will push the warm air that naturally gathers up high downward into a room.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Run a test to ensure they work. Replace batteries at least once every year.
  • Prune trees to prevent limbs from falling and causing damage as well as to improve their overall shape. Trees grow slowly in the fall, making it the best time of year for this job.
  • Clear out gutters and downspouts. Keep water from backing up and accumulating on your roof – and eventually, seeping into your home. Also, check for damaged pieces and tighten hangers and brackets.
  • Replace damaged caulk or weather stripping around your windows and doors. This prevents air leaks and keeps your energy bills in check. Use weather-stripping around movable components and caulk around stationary ones.
  • Seal holes and gaps around your home. This is especially important near the foundation and on the roof – where rodents and small animals could enter. They’re actively scouting for a winter refuge, so make your home off-limits.
  • Schedule a chimney inspection. The National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends doing this at least once a year. The inspection could lead to a chimney sweep to remove creosote, the black substance that can ignite a chimney fire.
  • Check the condition of your fire extinguishers. If they show any sign of damage, they should be replaced. While you’re at it, ensure that you have one on every floor of your home and one devoted to the kitchen. Fall is also a good time to run through a fire drill with your household. While fire extinguishers are not difficult to use, a practice drill helps because we don’t use them every day and will prepare everyone in the household in case of a fire.
  • Replace your furnace filter. You should check it every month, especially if you’re running your HVAC system regularly. It’s time to replace the filter with a new one when it’s stuffed with clumps of dust and dirt. A clean filter will help your system run more efficiently.
  • Schedule a furnace inspection with Instant Air. We’ll thoroughly clean and lubricate your furnace so that you derive all the benefits: a system that is safe to run and doesn’t pose a fire hazard; runs smoothly; keeps your utility bills under control; shouldn’t breakdown unexpectedly; and reaches its expected lifespan (and maybe longer).


Begin Your Fall Maintenance Checklist by Scheduling an HVAC Maintenance Visit

The best way to tackle a home maintenance checklist is to start checking off the easiest tasks. Within just a few minutes, you can check off scheduling your HVAC maintenance visit by calling Instant Air at 702-385-2665 or filling out our contact form. We will tune-up and prepare your HVAC unit for the cooler months and allow you to focus on completing the rest of your fall home maintenance checklist.


Prepare for Cooler Fall Weather by Scheduling a Las Vegas HVAC Maintenance Visit

Nevada enjoyed a beautiful summer this year, but those long summer days are readily getting shorter and shorter with fall and winter fast approaching. The cooler temperatures may be ideal for outdoor bon fires and longer hikes outside the city, but they also signal it’s time to switch from using your air conditioning equipment to your heating equipment. This makes it prime time to schedule Las Vegas HVAC maintenance. Here are three more reasons why you should schedule a maintenance visit now.

3 Reasons It’s Important to Schedule Las Vegas HVAC Maintenance in the Fall

  1. Keep HVAC efficiency high and energy bills low. Heating and cooling account for nearly half of the average household’s energy bills every year. These important pieces of equipment are key to keeping our homes comfortable during the hot days of summer and frigid winter nights. However, peak efficiency performance requires preventative care and maintenance. When you schedule a fall Las Vegas HVAC maintenance visit, technicians will do a thorough inspection of your heating equipment and check fluid levels, test motors and inspect for leaks. These preventative and mitigation steps will ensure when you turn on your heating equipment for the first time, you are enjoying its best performance possible.
  2. Confirm clearance from summer clutter. There’s a lot of fuss about spring cleaning, but we believe fall clearing is just as important. After the warm winds of summer and late summer monsoon season, Nevada homes often showcase a fair amount of overgrowth and clutter. In the fall, it’s important to complete thorough inspections and clear out any leaves, twigs and other debris from around outdoor HVAC units. Fall is also an ideal time to trim back any shrubs, branches and other plant life (a good rule of thumb is to keep a three-foot clearance around HVAC units). Fall trimming is especially important if you have any weak or dying branches that could knock out heating equipment should they fall.
  3. Preventative maintenance and repairs now mean less risk of headaches tomorrow. The last thing you and your family want is for your heating equipment to break down in the middle of winter, especially in the peak of the holiday season. Impromptu major breakdowns like this can be expensive to fix when they’re last-minute and often could be avoided with a bit of preventative maintenance and equipment inspections. While no heating equipment will last forever, experienced technicians know how to spot warning signs before they become reality. Scheduling a Las Vegas HVAC maintenance visit in the fall enables you to be one step ahead of repairs with small issues remedied before they have the chance to become mega headaches. Plus, such annual or biannual service visits can add years onto the lifespan of your equipment.

Schedule a Las Vegas HVAC Maintenance Visit Today

For more information about why you should schedule a Las Vegas HVAC maintenance this fall, or to go ahead and schedule a service visit, contact us today at Instant Air. You can also call us at (702) 385-2665 for same day guarantee service whenever you need professional, experienced HVAC repair.

Last Chance to Capitalize on This Summer End Closeout Deal for HVAC in Las Vegas

Savvy consumers know the best time to buy winter coats is at the tail end of winter – just like the best time to buy summer suits and dresses is at the tail end of summer.

You may have to wait until the season rolls around again to wear your purchases, but in the meantime, you can bask (and boast) in the realization that you’ve saved a significant amount of money over what you would have spent at the high-season mark.

The stakes grow right along with price, which is why a $1,000 discount from Instant Air makes now the very best time to purchase a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for your home.

Customers find lots to love in their new HVAC in Las Vegas

A discount like this one will not last forever. In fact, it ends on October 31st. Take it from the Instant Air customers who have already taken advantage of this deep discount. They have told us:

  • Saving $1,000 has made a new HVAC unit affordable and attainable.
  • They relish the idea they successfully saved a great deal of money on what is the costliest system in their home.
  • They finally feel unburdened by the constant expense and worry of “patching together” their ailing air conditioner (because most air conditioners require more frequent repairs during the last two years of their lifespan).
  • They’re surprised at the improved quality of their indoor air (explained by the fact that many of today’s energy-efficient systems are better equipped to reduce humidity and indoor allergens).
  • They enjoy the quieter operation of their new HVAC unit.

They will need a little more time to tell, but many of our customers also should enjoy lower energy bills. This is because many HVAC systems consume far less energy than their predecessors. In fact, “today’s best air conditioners use 30 to 50 percent less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as air conditioners made in the mid-1970s,” the U.S. Department of Energy says. “Even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, you may save 20 to 40 percent of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model.”

Inquire About Instant Air’s Summer End HVAC in Las Vegas Deal

Cash in on the $1,000 savings and get your new HVAC in Las Vegas. To get started, call Instant Air and make an appointment so we can properly size your home, study its exposure to the sun on all sides and make a recommendation for the best HVAC units for you.

Why You Should Consider an HVAC Replacement in Las Vegas Now

You work hard for your money, so you’re careful about how you spend it, especially on a major investment like a new HVAC Replacement for your Las Vegas home.

So now you want to run through that list of motivators just one more time – as you should. Let an authoritative third party, the U.S. Department of Energy, lead the way. Then allow the most reliable and trustworthy HVAC company in Las Vegas, Instant Air, cushion this investment with a $1,000 summer end discount.

When it’s Time to Consider a Replacement

No matter what the brand, most HVAC systems are rugged and durable. But even when they’re well maintained and tuned up once a year, they will not last forever. As machinery, they have a definite lifespan. If you’re considering an HVAC replacement in Las Vegas, the department of energy says “the writing is on the wall” when:

  • An air conditioner is more than 10 years old.
  • The furnace or boiler system is more than 15 years old.
  • The system is breaking down more frequently, requiring repairs.
  • Your energy bills keep going up while your usage has remained constant.
  • Some areas in your home are too warm, too cold or too humid.
  • Your home is excessively dusty.

Why Fall is the Best Time for an HVAC Replacement in Las Vegas

Some Las Vegas residents question the wisdom of investing in a new HVAC system at the end of summer, assuming they will miss out on taking advantage of its cooling power since the hottest days of the year are behind them. The second part of this statement is probably true, but it should be weighed against some compelling realities:

  • Fall is the hottest time of the year for discounts, such as Instant Air’s Summer End Closeout deal. This $1000 discount off all HVAC units can put a replacement within financial reach for homeowners on a strict budget.
  • Fall is typically a slower time for HVAC companies – between the hottest days of summer and coolest days of winter – so homeowners can usually find more convenient scheduling.
  • Fall is a time of more moderate temperatures in Las Vegas. Most systems can be installed in less than one day, but if you have to be without your HVAC system while a new one is being installed, fall is the time to be without it for even a short time.
  • Fall obviously arrives before the end-of-year holidays, when many people understandably declare a “time-out” on home spending because so much of their money is targeted for gifts, parties and other special purchases.

Schedule Your HVAC Replacement in Las Vegas

At Instant Air, we know you work hard for your money – and we want to help you keep more of it. But just as all the 100-degree days will soon be a thing of the past, the $1,000 Summer End Closeout won’t last forever, either. Call Instant Air at (702) 385-2665 and schedule your HVAC replacement in Las Vegas while this offer remains hot.


Why You Should Upgrade from a Portable AC Unit to a New HVAC Installation in Las Vegas

You’ve tried to make the best of the summer’s blistering, relentless heat. But going home to a window or portable air conditioning unit is a lot like jumping in the back seat of someone’s car and constantly shifting your position so that at least your forehead benefits from a blast of intermittent cool air.

You try to grin and bear it, but enough is enough.

Like many of your neighbors, you may be just one 100-degree-day away from giving the green light to an HVAC installation in Las Vegas. But first, you may wish to run down the list of annoyances of temporary cooling methods one more time:

Window Units are Inherently Flawed

Window air conditioners can be an affordable temporary solution, but their limitations underscore why they usually don’t assume permanent occupancy in a home. Window units steer many people to an HVAC installation in Las Vegas because the units can be:

  • Limited in range, sometimes unable to cool even one room comfortably
  • Less efficient than billed, especially if the seals are poorly secured and let warm outdoor air indoors
  • Noisy, especially when the “low” setting is kicked up to “medium” or “high”
  • A security risk, especially on a lower level
  • A maintenance nuisance if they leak water outdoors to an inopportune place
  • An eyesore, especially because you cannot cover or disguise them

Portable ACs Can Be “a Lot of Hot Air”

Window units can seem like bliss when contrasted to portable units, which Consumer Reports warned readers to regard “as the cooling choice of last resort” because many tested units:

  • “Barely got a room below sweltering, let alone the 78 degrees Fahrenheit that’s considered the upper threshold of indoor comfort.”
  • Aren’t nearly as “portable” as people think since they: often weigh between 50 and 80 pounds; can be difficult to roll over carpet; and a hose must be connected to a window.
  • Must be positioned far away from walls or furniture to encourage air flow and so create an obstruction.

Add Up the Benefits of Central Air as Part of an HVAC Installation in Las Vegas

It may be tempting to liken the comfort of central air conditioning to jumping from the rear seat to the front seat of a car on a hot summer day. But even that is an understatement when you consider that central air conditioning:

  • Delivers cool air to every room in a home – and on all levels
  • Reduces humidity (which is what Willis Carrier had top-of-mind when he invented what he called his “dew point control system” in 1902)
  • Improves indoor air quality – a particular relief for people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory illnesses
  • Can be more affordable to operate than temporary cooling units (which run constantly)
  • Improves a home’s marketability
  • Runs quietly – and sometimes without detection except for the clicking sound when the thermostat engages
  • Does not detract from the aesthetics of a home since the main component (the compressor) is installed outdoors
  • Is simple to manage and operate – and can be made even more so with a programmable thermostat

In case these benefits aren’t motivation enough to schedule an HVAC installation in Las Vegas, consider saving $1,000 off a unit with our Summer End Closeout deal. We’ll ensure that your system is sized correctly so that you can finally dispense with temporary cooling solutions – and learn what it’s like to find full relief from the city’s blistering, relentless heat. Give us a call at (702) 385-2665 to take advantage of this special while it lasts!





Summer Heat Tips : Things to Do to Help Your Home Combat the Heat

At some point, you probably have received an envelope in the mail that was sealed so tight you had to use a pair of scissors to rip it open. Wouldn’t it be great, especially this summer, if your home’s envelope was sealed just as securely?

You will never be able to stop warm, outdoor air from trying to seep into your home; it’s going to happen no matter what you do. But you can make your home as cool as possible by taking four proactive steps: sealing your windows and doors; installing insulation; hanging sun-blocking window treatments; and using ceiling fans in tandem with your air conditioner.

Reinforce Your Envelope

Like many homeowners, you may have reconciled yourself to the fact that warm air naturally rises. But you may not know warm air also is determined to “chase” after cooler space. “During the summer, heat moves from outdoors to the house interior,” the U.S. Department of Energy says.

Warm air will eventually find a point of entry through a home’s envelope – a builder’s term that refers to a home’s attic and roof, subfloor, windows, exterior walls and doors. To combat this force of nature:

  • Inspect your windows and doors for cracks, gaps and holes, but don’t rely on a visual inspection alone. Wait for a day with no outdoor breeze and run a lighter or feather around the perimeter. If the flame or feather flutters, a leak is present. Seal movable components with weather-stripping and stationary components with caulk, the Department of Energy There are many other places your home could be serving as a passageway for warm air (think of all the openings for wires and vents), so consult this handy guide for help in tracking them down.
  • Insulate your home. Follow a “top-down” strategy and begin with the attic – a prime place for heat to congregate. Then work your way down the envelope, ensuring walls, ceilings, crawl space and basement contain both enough insulation and the proper R-value, or the amount of thermal resistance. Sometimes, there is more to installing insulation than may meet the eye. Since a properly insulated home could reduce your energy bills by 15 percent or more, it’s worth doing right and calling the professionals.
  • Evaluate your window treatments. They should be closed during the day to block heat from entering (yes, even if your windows are sealed like a submarine). Since the full force of the afternoon sun may be no match for lightweight treatments, consider quilted window treatments or those with an insulating liner to block the heat.
  • Run a ceiling fan in tandem with your air conditioner to create a wind-chill effect in a room, which should allow you to bump the temperature on the thermostat by 4 degrees without feeling one bit warmer. The higher temperature will save you money on your energy bill.

The Top Cooling Tip : Get Your Air Conditioner Tuned-Up

Of course, now is also the time to ensure your air conditioner is clean and running in peak condition so it doesn’t break down. Then again, with a preventive maintenance membership, you’ll never even have to give the subject a second thought. Call us at (702) 385-2665 for an annual tune-up and to safeguard one of the biggest financial investments you’ve made in your home.


How to Put Less Stress on Your Las Vegas Air Conditioning & Protect Your Home From the Summer Heat

With the high temperatures and powerful sun in the Las Vegas area during the summertime, it can be a challenge to keep your home comfortable without spending a fortune on cooling costs. By reducing stress on your Las Vegas air conditioning system, you can help it run more efficiently and effectively. Here are a few simple ways to make the job easier for your cooling system.

Ways to Help Your Las Vegas Air Conditioning

Avoid solar gain:

Summer sun streaming in through the windows can heat your home quickly. Close curtains and blinds in west or south-facing windows during the daytime to block the heat of the sun, and consider installing awnings to help increase shade.

Install fans:

Ceiling fans or portable fans can circulate the air and make you feel cooler at a higher temperature, allowing you to raise the thermostat and reduce the load on your Las Vegas air conditioning system. Turn off the fans when a room is not occupied to save energy.

Reduce heat gain:

Avoid activities that generate heat and humidity during the daytime, such as washing clothes, running the dishwasher or using the oven. Postpone those activities to the evening when it is cooler and use exhaust fans while bathing or cooking to remove excess heat and humidity.

Use efficient appliances:

Choose appliances and electronics that are energy-efficient to avoid producing extra heat, such as Energy Star-certified refrigerators, computers, televisions and other devices. Replace heat-generating incandescent light bulbs with cooler CFL or LED lighting, which will reduce both heat output and energy costs.

Seal and insulate:

If your home is drafty or lacks insulation, your Las Vegas air conditioning system is working much harder than it needs to. Seal windows and doors with caulk or weather-stripping, and use expanding foam or caulk to seal around openings in exterior walls, such as holes drilled for pipes, wires, dryer vents or light fixtures. If your home has little to no insulation, especially in the attic and walls, consider adding some to keep your home cooler for less money.

Install a programmable thermostat:

Keeping your home ice-cold while you are working or away is a waste of energy. With a programmable thermostat, you can raise the temperature when you leave automatically, and reduce it in time to arrive to a cool home. Increasing the temperature by 5 to 10 degrees when leaving can reduce your cooling costs by up to 10 or 20 percent. While home, set the temperature as high as possible. Each degree over 72 can reduce cooling costs by 1 to 3 percent.

Have your AC serviced:

To run efficiently, your Las Vegas air conditioning system needs regular maintenance, such as cleaning coils, changing the air filter and checking the refrigerant charge. Have the system professionally serviced at least once or twice a year, and check the air filter yourself monthly to help keep it running properly. If your system is older, consider upgrading to an energy-efficient model with a high SEER rating.

Schedule a Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inspection

Feel like your air conditioner isn’t quite ready for the Vegas summer heat? Contact the Instant Air team by calling 702-900-0127 today and one of our Las Vegas air conditioning experts can make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible so you can stay cool this summer.