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Get the Best Las Vegas Furnace Contractors with These Tips to Avoid Scams

AC Repair Las Vegas

When your furnace goes on the fritz during a chill November evening, you’ll want to call up your local Las Vegas furnace contractors as soon as possible. However, while comfort is paramount, you don’t deserve to fall victim to unscrupulous Las Vegas contractors who’ll burn a hole in your wallet and leave you with unsatisfactory repairs.

So to avoid the scammers, follow these tips when hiring Las Vegas furnace contractors:

  • Avoid companies asking for large amounts upfront. While it’s common for Las Vegas furnace contractors to request a small down-payment for labor and equipment, they shouldn’t ask for you to pay for the entire job before their work is done. If you’re told that you need to pay a full lump sum before the technician will begin work, hang up the phone or show them the door and find someone else.
  • Be skeptical of contractors who immediately try to sell you a new furnace. There are only three reasons for why a furnace needs to be replaced: its heat exchanger is cracked, it’s old and incapable of keeping up with modern demands, or it requires such significant repairs that it’ll actually be cheaper to buy a new furnace. However, this last scenario is rarely the case as furnaces are fairly solid pieces of equipment that, when kept properly maintained, generally require inexpensive repairs. If your furnace technician says there is a crack in the heat exchanger, you should ask to see it to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Ask for all old and broken parts that a contractor insists on replacing. To add to that last point, there have been unscrupulous Las Vegas contractors who’ll take advantage of homeowners and charge them for parts that they never actually replaced. You can prevent this from happening to you by insisting for all of the old and broken parts to be saved and returned to you following repair.
  • Check the contractors’ credentials. Before you allow anyone into your home, you want to know who they are and what they represent. You can do this with Las Vegas furnace contractors by researching them online and asking your neighbors about which companies they’ve had positive (and negative) experiences with. When you call up a contractor, ask questions like how long they’ve been in business, how many people are on their payroll, what types of certifications they’re HVAC technicians, and about their policies.
  • Get it all in writing. From the technician’s initial troubleshooting attempts, to their diagnosis, to their recommended installs, you want all of their work put down in writing. Too often shady Las Vegas furnace contractors will a crafty bait and switch in which they’ll suggest a low amount fix is all that’s needed, but once you’ve started work with them, they’ll insist that a much more expensive overhaul is required. Don’t fall victim to this! Instead, insist on a written contract before the contractor begins full work that lists out the expected start and completion dates, itemized materials list, and payment penalties that’ll protect you if the job is not completed on time, or if it goes significantly over budget.

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