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Things to Check on your HVAC Unit Before Needing HVAC Replacement in Las Vegas

All year round, it’s important to inspect your HVAC unit twice every month. Choosing to inspect your unit can save you from many maintenance requirements, but there are times where you’ll need to seek help for HVAC replacement in Las Vegas.

Sometimes such services have been expensive, so always assess your HVAC unit before seeking for advice. Thinking about seeking expert advice about HVAC replacement in Las Vegas? Consider the following tips which save money, time and help maintain the cool atmosphere inside your home.

Paper Filters

Regular monthly inspections help increase the efficiency of HVAC units. Using HEPA filters has by far contributed to an increment of life span for my HVAC unit. To determine if a filter needs replacement, consider looking if:

  • There’s formation of icing inside the HVAC cooling unit (evaporator section). Sound advice for solving most icing problems would be replacing your filter with HEPA filters, which clean air better and are durable.
  • There is noticeable temperature change by touching on the outer casing, though at times ice could be visible on the suction line.
  • Any presence of ice can be seen, there’s a high probability that the air filter is clogged with dirt which restricts normal air flow due to lack of sufficient heat in the HVAC unit.

Batteries: Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are mainly supplied as battery-operated HVAC units. These units give alerts about periodic levels of carbon monoxide, which helps monitor performance of appliances. Checking batteries in carbon monoxide should be done on a monthly basis as they consume more power compared to smoke detectors. Most batteries on carbon detectors have a lifespan of about 5 years, so noting down such information helps determine the appropriate time for a HVAC replacement.

Identify and Fix Duct Problems

Identifying if ducts are properly working requires the knowledge of a specialist in HVAC replacement who is able to test the amount of pressure coming out of the ducts in HVAC units. Newer homes are required to conform to HVAC code, which requires the installation of baffles in heating ducts placed closer to furnaces in basements.

Arranging a service call from a HVAC accredited Instant Air specialist before the start of cooling or heating season is a good way to maintain HVAC units. Call Instant Air at (702) 385-2665. We provide free second opinions, flexibility when scheduling for appointments, and offer 24/7 service in there’s an emergency.