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Trust the Experts at Las Vegas Air Conditioner Repair and Beat the Heat

Hot southern Nevada summers demand that homeowners know where they can find reliable Las Vegas air conditioner repair. If your home’s cooling system is losing the battle against the summer heat, you can rely on the experts at Instant Air to offer effective solutions at an affordable price.

As with any mechanical system, faulty parts, worn components and a lack of proper maintenance can cause an air conditioner to malfunction.

Here are some of the most common repairs the air conditioning technicians at Instant Air have to deal with:

  • Outside unit fails to work properly – The problem could be a lack of power, a faulty thermostat or problems with a contactor. Faulty wiring can cause the circuit breaker to trip, which prevents power from getting to the system.
  • Refrigerant leak – An AC system uses Freon to cool the air and a leak in the system decreases its efficiency. A qualified technician must locate the leak, repair it and recharge the system to restore function.
  • Outside fan does not work – If the fan malfunctions, the air conditioner is unable to transfer heat properly. This can cause the compressor to overheat. Failure to correct this problem can do internal damage to the compressor forcing expensive repairs or replacement.
  • Frozen coil – Ice can form around the unit’s coil if the refrigerant is low or airflow is restricted due to a blockage in the ductwork or even clogged air filters.

You Can Depend on Instant Air for Reliable Las Vegas Air Conditioner Repair

Our experienced technicians are dedicated to delivering the outstanding customer service Las Vegas homeowners deserve from a local service provider. We are available around the clock to handle all of your air conditioning repair needs.

When you need reliable Las Vegas air conditioner repair, call the experts at Instant Air at 702-385-2665.