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Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair

It may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but one of the major issues with an AC unit in the summer heat is its propensity to “freeze up” if not properly maintained. In particular, an HVAC will become frozen and lose all functionality for two main reasons:

Restricted Airflow – The evaporator coil of an HVAC unit – usually located inside the home – is where hot air from the interior of the home is passed across cooled coils. The resulting “conditioned” air is then sent back into the living space. If insufficient heated air does not reach the evaporator coils, the unit will “overcool” itself and freeze up.

Insufficient Refrigerant – Similarly, lack of sufficient refrigerant – typically R-22 (Freon) in older units and R410-A in newer ones – will keep the evaporator coil from efficiently transferring heat and will overcool. In any case, the result is the same, frozen pipes that, ironically, do not cool the home at all.

What to Do Now? – The first step is to turn off the unit and allow it to begin thawing on its own. Then, for the former issue, the homeowner can check for obstructions in front of the return air duct, the big vent located somewhere in the middle of your home. You may also want to replace its filter to maximize the amount of air flow to the unit.

For the latter problem, a professional technician will need to be called for service. In addition to replacing any deficiency in the coolant, the tech should also do a quick inspection of the unit to identify any other potential problems.

What to Do in the Future? – No one wants to face a summer day or night without a properly functioning air conditioner. To avoid this situation, you simply need to schedule a twice yearly maintenance check on your HVAC system– once at the beginning of the cooling season and one at the end. This will keep it functioning perfectly throughout the spring and summer. The experts at Instant Air also offer Instant Service Club memberships. These memberships come in three different levels and offer regular maintenance from certified technicians along with discounts and much more.

As you can see, the reasons for a frozen AC unit are not difficult to fathom but often take a pro to remedy the situation. For more information on why AC units freeze up in particular or on Las Vegas air conditioning repair in general, please contact us at Instant Air. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-702-385-2665.