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Professional Las Vegas Duct Cleaning Services

If someone in your home or office suffers from allergies, asthma or other maladies due to indoor air pollution, Instant Air Conditioning and Heating’s professional Las Vegas duct cleaning services can help.

Because today’s homes and buildings are insulated better than ever, the cleanliness of indoor air is a major health issue. Dirt and dust can accumulate in just a short time in the ductwork of your heating and cooling system.

It takes just a little moisture in ducts for mold, mites, and bacteria to also develop. When the HVAC system is operating, those pollutants circulate into the air.

Many people, including infants, seniors and those with respiratory problems, are particularly susceptible to the health hazards of indoor air pollution. But even residents of a home or building who don’t suffer from negative effects can often sense the air is fresher after the ducts are cleaned.

Contact an Instant Air customer representative to schedule an appointment for Las Vegas duct cleaning services. Our number is 702-385-2665.

Instant Air’s customer service area also includes the communities of Henderson, Green Valley, and North Las Vegas.

Call Us for Las Vegas Duct Cleaning Services

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that ducts be cleaned by heating and cooling professionals. Many companies that call themselves duct cleaners are not HVAC contractors.

Trust Instant Air for thorough duct cleaning services in Las Vegas. We know your system inside and out. Our technicians follow all accepted industry procedures for effective cleaning, using powerful vacuums to “scrub” ducts without damaging them.

We’re also qualified to clean furnace or AC components that may be contributing to bad indoor air.

Depending on the size of your system, Instant Air technicians may take between two and six hours for a cleaning. Although it can be a filthy job, we take measures to protect your home from dirt while we work.

When we’re done, we’ll show you the before-and-after difference in the condition of your ductwork.

Isn’t it time your family breathed easier with Las Vegas duct cleaning services by Instant Air? Call us today at 702-385-2665.