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Signs You Need Professional Las Vegas Furnace Repair

When Southern Nevada residents finally say good-bye to the long, hot summer it is time to turn their attention to Las Vegas furnace repair to ensure they stay warm through the winter. You can save time and money by calling a professional repair company immediately if you notice any of the following signs that your furnace needs service.

Strange noises are among the most common signs that something is wrong with a home’s heating system. Whines, bangs, clangs and groans can indicate a problem with the ignition or something as simple as a loose belt. Sometimes components make odd sounds just before they are about to fail. A qualified technician can accurately diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

If you have to keep turning up the furnace to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, the likely culprit is obstructed airflow. Before scheduling a service call, change the air filter and check to make sure there are no furniture pieces, boxes, or other items blocking the air vents. If the problem persists, an experienced technician can inspect the system for blockages in the ductwork.

The furnace flame should be blue. If the flame is yellow, the furnace may be producing harmful carbon monoxide. Additional signs of this problem include rusty flue pipes, excess moisture buildup on cold surfaces and soot streaks near the furnace. A furnace producing carbon monoxide is a serious situation that requires immediate attention.

Rely on the Experts at Instant Air for All Your Las Vegas Furnace Repair Needs

When you need help with your furnace, you can rely on the heating system specialists at Instant Air. Our certified technicians have the experience necessary to quickly diagnose your problem and restore your furnace’s performance. Whether you need repairs, preventive maintenance or a new furnace, we can provide affordable solutions you can rely on.

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