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For Peace of Mind, Las Vegas HVAC Repair Services by Instant Air

Two words explain why Instant Air customers trust us for HVAC repair services in Las Vegas:

Assured comfort.

That means that our customers are confident that Instant Air’s skilled technicians will keep their homes and businesses reliably comfortable inside, regardless of desert temperatures.

Instant Air works hard to prevent system breakdowns – and provide peace of mind. In addition, our HVAC repair services offer Las Vegas residential and commercial customers valuable extra benefits, including:

  • Lower utility bills. Routine maintenance, including cleaning and replacing worn parts, keeps your system operating efficiently. You save when you use less energy.
  • Longer unit life. Although the durability of a furnace/AC unit varies according to usage and brand, regular maintenance and repairs keep your system running years longer.

Do you have a new or top-of-the-line heating and cooling system? It needs servicing just as much as an older unit. Call us at 702-385-2665 for Las Vegas HVAC repair services, or affordable routine maintenance.

Call 702-385-2665 for Professional Las Vegas HVAC Repair Services

A second opinion is valuable when it comes to health issues, and HVAC units, too. Even if you have had a heating and cooling contractor service your system in the past, you may save a lot of money by asking for an additional inspection by an Instant Air technician.

We can verify:

  • The condition of your ductwork. Ducts that are dirty or damaged are inefficient and circulate dust or other pollutants throughout a building.
  • The safety of your overall system. A malfunctioning furnace, for example, can emit carbon monoxide into a building.
  • Whether your system needs simple repairs or whether replacement is warranted.
  • If the all-important heat exchanger is working properly.
  • That the last company wasn’t just trying to sell you something. Some contractors use service calls as a sales opportunity.

Winter, when air conditioning is not used as frequently, is the best time to arrange for HVAC repair services in Las Vegas. Call Instant Air today at 702-385-2665 to schedule an appointment.