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Call a Las Vegas HVAC Repair Company to Fix Noisy Equipment

Noisy equipment is among the most common complaints a professional Las Vegas HVAC repair technician hears about from customers.

A certain amount of noise is to be expected from any mechanical system but when the noise is distracting or continuous it can be impossible to live with. Certain types of noises can indicate a serious malfunction that requires the attention of a professional.

If you hear something that sounds like metal scraping against metal it is important to turn the system off immediately and call for help. Sometimes the blower wheel will work its way loose from the motor shaft. If you are able to shut the system down soon enough to prevent any damage to the motor shaft and blower wheel, an experienced technician may be able to place them back where they should be and tighten them down to eliminate the noise. Replacement will be necessary if the blower wheel is broken. Another cause of this problem could be a broken motor mount that causes the blower wheel to hit the housing. Regardless of the problem, you should schedule a service call as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the system, which will cost even more to repair.

All transformers emit a humming noise and some are louder than others are. If the unit is humming but fails to work properly the problem could be something wrong with the capacitor, the indoor fan or both.

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