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Noises You Don’t Want to Hear Coming From Your Central Heating and Cooling System

Air Conditioner Repair

As homeowners, it’s important to be aware of your Las Vegas residential heating and cooling systems and possible signs that they may be functioning improperly. While it’s normal for them to make some noise, other noises can be a big indication that something is going awry. Keep your ears open for the following sounds, which can alert you to an issue that needs attention.

Shrieking and Squealing

If you hear a shrieking noise coming from the blower motor, this could mean the belt is no longer good or there is a problem with the motor bearing. Fortunately, belt issues are generally inexpensive to repair. However, if you have a belt issue, make sure to fix it right away. If it breaks, your blower no longer will be able to turn. While many of the blower motor units come equipped with oil ports for the purpose of adding lubricant, other blower motor units are sealed.

  • Adding lubricant as needed will often remedy the noises coming from your motor. In the event you add lubrication yourself, make sure to use the appropriate oil. For instance, WD-40 and 3-in-1 oil, which are commonly found in households, are not appropriate to use for this purpose, as they are too lightweight.

Loud Rattles, Clanks, Thumps, and Bangs

Noisy clanks and the like, generally mean there is an issue with the blower assembly motor, while rattling is a good indication that a piece of the central heating and cooling system is coming loose. Make sure to fix the issue prior to the part breaking or detaching. If you hear louder banging noises while the blower is running, this means something has either been disconnected or has been broken. If this happens, you need to turn your system off.

A “Thwapping” Sound

Hearing a rapid “thwapping” sound while the blower is running could be an indication that something is stuck in the blower blades. It could also be that a part inside the housing system is coming into contact with the blower as it turns.

  • A “thwapping” sound does not necessarily mean there is anything seriously wrong with your central heating and cooling system. However, if something is creating friction, it may cause the motor to wear out quickly. It is best to have it checked by a professional to make sure.

Repetitive Clicking

While it’s normal to hear clicking noises when you turn your Las Vegas residential heating and cooling systems on and off, repetitive clicking noises heard from the outside compressor or control panel, is not normal. If this is happening, it could be an indication of a defective relay or an issue with the electrical control.

Rattles Coming From the Fan Unit or Outside Compressor

If you hear rattling coming from the fan when it turns on in the compressor unit, this could mean there is loose hardware or your motor is failing. The level of noise is an indication of how serious the issue is.

  • A scream-like noise can mean your compressor is giving out, while a squeal when your system kicks on does not indicate a problem. Hire a Las Vegas residential heating and cooling systems expert if the sound continues.

When it comes to Las Vegas residential heating and cooling systems needs, it’s important to keep yours in good working order. For questions about your central heating and cooling systems or if you’ve heard one of the above noises, don’t hesitate to call Instant Air at 702-385-2665 for assistance.