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Have Your AC Unit Serviced Regularly to Avoid Costly Repairs

In our experience, preventative maintenance is a key to warding off major repairs and keeping your HVAC system in impeccable working order. Instant Air provides regular air conditioning service in Las Vegas with 80 years of combined experience. Our attention to detail and substantial experience allow us to carefully maintain and troubleshoot your units for any signs of malfunction or wear.

We know you depend on your HVAC system to deliver the heating and cooling functions you need all year long. We find that routine maintenance allows us to effectively get to know these integral features of your home so we can customize our service to each aspect of your system.

Our technicians are certified and highly trained. Their knowledge of HVAC maintenance and repair is unsurpassed. They know that too often costly repairs could have been avoided if routine maintenance had been relied upon. These features are essential for your home so we encourage you to make their routine maintenance a priority.

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What to Expect During an AC Preventative Maintenance Appointment

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When you schedule your routine preventative maintenance appointment with Instant Air, you can expect our technicians to come fully prepared to maintain any aspect of your HVAC system from your AC to your furnace to your ductwork. We have a checklist that we use to ensure that each and every preventative task is accomplished. We work efficiently, but we also provide comprehensive service so you can rest assured knowing your household system is in our capable hands.

We are enthusiastic when it comes to maintaining your home’s HVAC system. Our solutions are affordable and also customizable. We keep a record of each repair and maintenance task so we can get to know your system in every way. This allows us to attend your system with advanced knowledge year after year.

Call Instant Air at 702-385-COOL (2665) or contact us to schedule an HVAC preventative maintenance appointment. Your HVAC system is essential to your home so allow us to take care of it with our reliable expertise.

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