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When it’s time to replace an HVAC in Las Vegas, Instant Air provides affordable installation service. We also spend time consulting with you in order to recommend models that suit your needs in every way.

Many customers are interested in the installation of more energy-efficient HVAC systems for their homes. We are up-to-date on new models and can help our customers choose an energy- efficient model that is perfect for your home. These new models offer great cost-savings when it comes to your heating and cooling bills.

As one of the trusted HVAC service providers in the Las Vegas region, Instant Air prides itself on reliability and efficiency. Our technicians are trained to install the latest HVAC systems. They have 80 plus years’ worth of combined experience that gives them an edge when installing these complex household systems.

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How Our HVAC Services Can Save You Money

See How a New HVAC Unit Can Save You Money

Instant Air recognizes that replacing your existing HVAC system is an investment. We will walk you through the entire installation process from careful selection to the final testing of the new system. When you need to replace your air conditioning unit or furnace, contact our Las Vegas HVAC Specialists.

We install major brand names and can provide detailed information about every model we install. You aren’t in this replacement project alone. We care about your home and its heating and cooling functionality. You have our service guarantee that we will provide superior service at affordable prices.

Don’t wait to experience the cost-savings that comes with a new HVAC system. By investing in an energy-saving model, you can substantially reduce your energy bills. We work with you to find the best heating and cooling solutions you can afford. We then install your new system with our characteristic expertise.

If you would like an HVAC consultation, please call us at 702-385-2665 and we’d be delighted to work with you. Make sure to ask about our No Break Down Guarantee and our military and senior discounts.

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