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Why You Should Get Your Air Conditioning Repaired Before Summer Temps Peak

Without a doubt, the temperatures of the summer season brings the greatest stress to any home’s HVAC system. For this single reason, it is essential that a homeowner take the proactive step of having the unit inspected and serviced before the summer temperature peaks in July and August. Here’s why:

Enhances the Comfort Level – A well-functioning AC system not only blows cold air into the living space but does so in a way that keeps all rooms within a few degrees of each other. This means moving throughout your home is comfortable no matter what you are doing. When those truly hot days and nights arrive, you, your family and your guests will truly appreciate the forethought.

Improves the Efficiency of the Appliance – The power requirements of an HVAC is almost always the single largest component of any homeowner’s monthly utility bill. Significant savings can be had with some proactive – and inexpensive! – maintenance. In particular, have an experienced HVAC technician inspect the workings of the system, change all the filters and examine the ductwork for leaks. These three simple things can decrease your monthly bill by ten to twenty percent.

Prolongs the Unit’s Useful Life – Similarly, a properly maintained HVAC unit does not strain in the summer heat as one that has been neglected. Simple things like oiling the mechanism, checking the belts and cleaning the intakes can add years of useful life to the most used HVAC system. In addition, during a routine inspection – we recommend one every six months, one before and one after the summer season – an experienced HVAC technician can spot potential problems while they are still minor and easily fixable.

As you can see, a proactive approach to AC maintenance is the most cost-effective way to go. For more information on preventive air conditioning repair in Summerlin and the surrounding Las Vegas, Henderson/Green Valley and North Las Vegas areas, please contact us at Instant Air at 702-385-2665.