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At Instant Air, we understand that heating and air conditioning breakdowns often come at inopportune times, and homeowners might not have the funds on hand to cover repairs or replacements. That’s why we offer multiple financing options to qualified buyers. In addition to our affordable rates and 20% discount with VIP membership, we offer these financing solutions:

Extremely Low Monthly Payment

For the lowest monthly payment, we offer a financing option that requires a regular payment of just 1.25% of the promotional purchase amount. In other words, your monthly payment would be just $100 on an $8,000 service. This financing option comes with a reduced 9.99% APR, and the estimated payoff period is 132 months. If you want to keep your monthly expenses as low as possible, this solution lets you spread the cost of a major repair or new equipment over much of the lifespan of a furnace or air conditioner. 

Loan highlights: Reduced 9.99% APR and fixed monthly payments of 1.25% of the promo purchase until paid in full.

Balanced APR & Monthly Payment

If you can afford to make slightly higher interest rates, two other options offer interest-rate reductions in exchange for somewhat higher monthly payments. One financing option comes with 7.99% APR and monthly payments equal to 2.00% of the promotional purchase amount, and the other has an even lower 5.99% APR and monthly payments equal to 3.00% or promotional purchase amount.

Using the $8,000 service as an example, it’s easy to see how these two additional options provide added flexibility. The former solution would have a monthly payment of $160, and the latter’s monthly payment would be $240. As you survey the choices available, you can select the largest payment that fits within your budget in order to get the lowest interest rate you’re able to afford. The expected payoff timelines for these options are 61 months and 37 months respectively.

Loan highlights: Reduced 7.99% APR and fixed monthly payments of 2.00% of the promo purchase until paid in full or reduced 5.99% APR and fixed monthly payments of 3.00% of the promo purchase until paid in full.

No Interest If Paid in 18 Months

Our best financing option offers 0% APR if paid in full within 18 months. If you simply need a little time to gather the funds or just want to take advantage of interest-free financing, this can be an excellent solution. Even some customers who could pay cash choose to take this 18-month option. With this solution, the monthly payment must be 2.50% of the highest applicable balance. Also, deferred interest will be charged from the date of purchase if the balance isn’t paid in full within the 18-month time frame.

Loan highlights: 0% APR if paid in full within 18 months.

Expand Your Purchasing Ability with Synchrony’s Promotional Financing

In order to offer these flexible purchasing solutions, we’ve partnered with Synchrony. All offers are based on approved credit and may come with a $29 account activation fee. For those who are approved, though, Synchrony is among the nation’s premier consumer financing companies. The company has been around since 1932 and is known for having:

To find out what financing you’re able to qualify for, contact us today at 702-385-2665.

This is the way Service Companies in Las Vegas used to be in the 60s and 70s. Besides the great price, Instant Air was on time, pleasant, cleaned up everything, and did one very kind thing for my neighbor. The whole experience was seamless, and I would not hesitate to recommend them highly. Knowing that I was replacing my A/C unit, I also wanted to make some needed repairs at the same time. First Quality Roofing, who is affiliated with Instant Air, did an outstanding job. After first making my appointment for an estimate, they did something most roofing companies don’t do anymore…they showed up! Besides that, their estimate was spot on, and they did even more than we agreed upon. Again, I will recommend them highly any time I can. This was the least stressful transaction and home repair in many years. Mike, Angel, and all of the crew – thank you!

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